**** Along Gokurakujizaka ****

Enoden Gokurakuji station is named after Gokurakuji, a temple near the station.It has 7 main buildings and 49 temples in it.
Ninsyo was the first priest of this temple. It was founded in 1259. It is famous for welfare work. It has hospitals for people and horses.

No photograph in Gokurakuji. So we have few photos taken around Gokurakuji. Sorry.

Gokurakuji Gokurakuji From the Gate
When we visited Gokurakuji in April we saw unusually many people. Usually it is like this. And the gate was open. It was special day. April 8

No Photographs Way to the Grave of Ninsyo The Grave of Ninsyo
No Photographs Ninsyoto, the grave tower of Ninsyo, is in the back moutain of the temple. You go by a school. Ninsyoto as well as this school was included to the temple. Ninsyoto is overhere behind a tennis court. Do you see a big tree (about center of the photo) ? Ninsyoto is near the tree. (Again no photographs)