***** Kuhonji ****

When you come from Tokyo by JR Yokosuka Line, get off the train at Kamakura and go to Wakamiya Ooji. Wakamiya Ooji is a wide road. Make a right and go straight until you see Mcdonald's. Make a left here. It is 20-30 minutes from Kamakura station on foot.

Kuhonji is said to be founded by Nitta Yoshisada when he defeated Kamakura. When you enter this gate, look at a plaque above.

The original characters were written by Nitta Yoshisada.

You will see these Jizos beside the gate, perhaps, I do not remember. Let me know where they are.

These are main buildings. The plaque (it is at the center of the right photo)is also a copy of the original written by Nitta Yoshisada.