Tokeiji is about 5-10 minutes walk from Kitakamakura JR station. Kakusan-ni, the wife of Tokimune Hojo, founded Tokeiji in 1285. Yodoni(the 5th chief priest) was a princess of Godaigo, and 20th was a daughter of Hideyori Toyotomi.
It has been called "Enkiri Dera - The Temple for Divorce-". A woman could not divorce her husband in old Japan. The only way for a woman to divorce was to come into the temple and to spend about 2years in the temple.
It is famous for hydrangeas*. The temple is full of beautiful flowers in June.
*:Meigetsuin is more famous.

縁切り寺と呼ばれてきた。昔、日本では女性からは離婚できなかった。 女性から離婚する唯一の方法はこの寺に来て約2年暮らすことであった。