***** Kosokuji ****

Way to Kosokuji Kosokuji When you come from Tokyo by JR Yokosuka Line, get off the train at Kamakura and get on Enoden. Get off at Hase station. Make a right and then make a left. It is 5-10 minutes from Hase station.
Kosokuji was founded by Yadoya Mitsunori(Kosoku), and the first chief priest was Nichiro. Hichiro was one of diciples of Nichiren. Nichiren presented "Rissyoankokuron" to Kamakura Shogunate. He and his diciples were arrested. Nichiro was confined into a dungeon in the backyard of Mistunori's house in 1271. Later Mitsunori became Nichiro's diciple.
Kosokuji is a small temple. It is famous for trees and flowers. In front of the main building is a big old tree (an aronia). It is said to be about 150 years old.

a Mounument of When you enter the gate, you see this monument of "Risyoankokuron"
the Main Building This is the main building. There is a famou aronia beside the building. But it was winter when we visited Kosokuji so no flowers. We could see frozn pond though.

Way to the Dungeon the Dungeon Inside the Dungeon
The dungeon is back mountain of the temple. You have to go up the steps to go to the dungeon.

Monument of Miyazawa Kenji There is also a monument of Miyazawa Kenji. Miyazawa Kenji was a famous Japanese story writer.