**** Kamakura Daibutsu ****

When you come from Tokyo by JR Yokosuka Line, get off the train at Kamakura and get on Enoden. You get off at Hase station. Make a right and go straight. It is about 10-15minutes from Hase station.

Daibutsu Daibutsu Daibutsu
The Daibutsu (the image of Amida) of Kotokuin is very famous in Japan. The image was made in 14c. Originally, it was golden and was sitting in a building. But the building was ruined, perhaps by tyhoons or tidal waves. It was wounded at that time. It has a dip on his left shoulder. It is not clear that when it was made and when the building was ruined. By the end of 15c, it was in the open air. It is called Kamakura Daibutsu or simply Daibutsu-sama.
It appeared in "Around the World in 80 Days" (1956).

Made of Bronze
Height(including a pedestal) 13.35 meter(11.312 meter)
Weight 121ton

entrance to the inside Inside the statue Let's go into the statue. It is rather narrow inside.

monument of "Haiku" of Yosano Akiko Yosano Akiko, a famous poiet in Meiji, made a Haiku of Daibutsu. This monument is behind the statue. I have seen the translation once. But I do not remember. Let me know if you know.